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About Me

We're living through a strange and uncertain time. Know that I am available to support you using video and telephone. Help is available.

My counselling practice comes from my belief in the unique transformative power that every human being possesses. I provide you with an open space for exploration and creativity. I welcome any distress, confusion or pain you may be experiencing and will sit with you and provide support, reflection and new perspectives while you do whatever you feel you need to do.

I also welcome your joy, love and self-acceptance. We will meet in an unjudging therapeutic space and form a relationship which allows you to access new ways to express yourself and come to terms with what it is to be a human being.

I identify as a gay man and part of the LGBTQ+ and GSRD communities, and I work with everyone. I am a humanistic counsellor and work with Gestalt methods - please do ask if this is unfamiliar language to you.


I offer one to one confidential therapy sessions that last fifty minutes. Currently I work with adults who are 18 and over. This can be for a fixed period, decided by you, or we can work together indefinitely and end when the time feels right. Sessions happen at the same time and place each week, and I can work remotely using video (usually Zoom) and telephone sessions.

I practice in Brighton and Hove, England, UK

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£40 - 60 per regular session

Get in touch and we'll arrange to meet.

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An image of Paul looking into the camera